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Yvonne Berg

Yvonne Berg


A native Northern Californian, and Marin County resident for 25 years I have been helping people with their real estate needs in Marin and the greater bay area for 10 years.  Combining my professional training with attention to detail and strong personal service, I can ensure that each client is well represented through the entire process of buying or selling a home.

As an avid photographer and life-long enthusiast of architecture and interior design, I have found

real estate the perfect occupation to make use of my skills and interests and add to the real estate experience for my clients.  With experience in many types of property sales, property management, and continuing education I bring a variety of knowledge and abilities as well as a desire to help people to each client’s situation.

Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned buyer or seller please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the real estate process or a specific property or neighborhood.  I look forward to the opportunity to assist you.