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Janis Peterson

Janis Peterson


An experienced Marin County real estate agent, I have spent over 20 years honing my sales and marketing talents. Prior to entering the real estate profession, I held increasingly responsible positions in health care sales, marketing and communications. My unmatched business development skills combined with a highly effective communication style have largely contributed to the success I’ve enjoyed as a Realtor and the respect of my colleagues throughout the county. 

A long-time Marin resident and homeowner, I am active in my local San Rafael community and on the Board of the West End Neighborhood Association. I have sold homes in every community in Marin.  My down to earth easy going manner compliments a no nonsense business style that achieves the desired results for my clients. Nothing is more important to me than a satisfied client. I recognized early on that real estate is a relationship-driven business and I invest my time and energy into making the relationship with my clients’ both satisfying and long-lasting. The testimonials below speak to this as being a core value in my business success. 

When not selling real estate, I can be found doing weed therapy in my garden or enjoying an early morning mountain bike ride with friends topping it off with coffee and a muffin of the day at the Fat Angel Bakery in Fairfax. As the editor of the West End Neighborhood Association Newsletter, I enjoy researching and writing articles that spotlight unique homes or a West End resident with an interesting story to tell.